Are Duck’s Feet Net Savvy?

  • The voice is distinctive and the song has a little something later Gomez records have been missing. Ben Ottewell continues his quest to bring genres that are not normally the preserve of indiedom in from the cold. Still it’s still not this.
  • The hugely impressive and wide ranging L.A. Record have featured a band we’re tracking ourselves called Hi Ho Silver Oh (says it all really). L.A.R. Really get into the nitty gritty of this slightly experimental yet pretty tune.
  • Hark! It’s 2 new songs from Welsh wizards Los Campesinos! (including a festive one), both of which are available on the letterly titled DBF-Music blog. The ‘Theme From R.A.S.H.’ is, dare we say it, quite catchy. You + Me = Dancing?
  • Sonic Bids (EPK land) was the precursor to bandcamp except there was money involved. It is a great source of free stuff from bands on the lookout for new fans. Have a good mooch around but to get to you started here is a fab band called Unsparing Sea we’ve admired for the longest time. Check out ‘The Diamond Caverns’, stupendously awkward.
  • So daft it could almost be I’m From Barcelona if they spent 3 hours spinning in a tumbler dryer. Utopia Park are to be commended for the madness that is ‘So Long Silly Rabbit‘. Lettuce all thank them.
  • Must be a C90 as Consequence of Sound’s Friday mixtape is an absolute monster of free tunes. ‘The Wedding Song’ by Heidecker & Wood (are they related to the blogger?) is particularly atrocious but the standard overall is quite high. Looking forward to next Friday already!
  • Oh yes! Little Boots visits Daytrotter in a dream move. She recorded her best stuff via youtube from her bedroom so the dusty studio will suit her perfectly.
  • Leading Irish blog Nialler9 features Billy Bragg’s son (or thereabouts) who calls himself Zoo Kid. Not sure about this, would be interesting to see the reaction if he was 27. Apathy methinks, I know a 2 year old who can whistle dixie.
  • QBIM‘s has the big bold sound of Reversing Falls which have a lot going on in the confines of a tiny digital file. Apparently all 15 in the band can comfortably fit into a Morris Minor.
  • Wow, now this is a real find courtesy of Knut (thanks Knut!). EardrumsPop is a Norwegian label that sprung from the music blog of the same name. We love Eardrumspop for 3 reasons, first the music is ace, second it is so beautifully packaged for the digital world and third every single release on the label is completely FREE. Needless to say we were salivating at the though and have a weekend’s work ahead to get through it all but our first impressions are that Baffin Island might just be our favourites.
  • How about completely free streaming of 6 million+ tracks? Trying out the WE7 service this morning and it’s ace. Bye bye radio and go riddance to mid-atlantic accents. Get started here.
  • Unless you’ve only just discovered the internet you should have heard of the music blog aggregators the Hype Machine and Elbows but have you heard of the potential huge We’re impressed as are, I’m sure, the music bloggers who are going to harvest quality hits.
  • How about this for a conclave of loveliness, lovely Bar/None label (hi Mark!), lovely band Standard Fare and lovely Brooklyn Vegan blog for hosting a lovely song called ‘Dancing’. Nice.
  • We’re always sniffing for new free stuff so that’s why ‘Cocaine‘ and its ilk from the Leadership went down (up) a treat. They have an album of their grizzled rock to give away on their bandcamp.
  • Indie Muse pulls a slow one from his back pocket and we’re impressed. Yellow Ostrich are a new one on us but IM has all the deets and some clever songs. Incidentally Yellow Ostrich’s album ‘The Mistress‘ is free or for whatever you can afford. Wowsers.
  • Bit late this given that it was a Christmas present from the band but it’s still available for download so what the heck. Low are offering a live EP recorded in Holland, slowly does it…..
  • We’ll probably be dipping into Shelflife‘s catalogue pretty frequently because of the aceness on offer. Don’t believe us, well listen to ‘I Lost My Colour Vision‘ for a couple of seconds and if you are not nodding like it’s 1984 by then you are a prude.
  • 5acts has one of our fave songs from last year ‘When We Were Young’ from new band Hosannas. Praise the lord!
  • Norway’s Remington Super 60 run their own label and on it they give most of their music away for free. If you are in the mood for happiness then their cute tunes will do the trick.
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